Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday – Phone call from Mitch!

It has been 1 day since we found out who’s been playing playing “this game for children”. Honestly, I’m sort of sad it is over. Sorry everyone.

My immediate family would be together at my parent’s house on Easter Sunday. I was excited to accuse Bill in person. I wanted to look into his eyes and call him “C”. Guess what?!?… he still denied it! He denied it without even flinching.

He’s telling me that the real “C” must have hacked into his computer… and claims there are some unexplained security logs that would back this up. Hilarious! What a weak alibi!?! I’m actually starting to feel sorry for him… so I decided to drop it. He’s probably really mad and scrambling to keep the prank going.


Now, here’s where things get weird. Around 2:15pm the phone rings, an anonymous call (caller-id).

My mom answers it.


{From my perspective it sounded like a typical telemarketing call. My mom was listening quietly, as if she’s waiting for an opportunity to politely tell them she wasn’t interested}

Then all of a sudden she blurts out in a nervous voice…

“Who is this?… Mitchell Henson?”

Everyone in the room turns their attention to this call.

My mom then hands the phone over to Micah.

Micah says, “Hello? Who is this?”

{Micah listening}

“No, I don’t know who this is.”

{again Micah listening}



Micah says to the room, “He hung up.”


After the call, we immediately start to question Micah and my mom.


Here’s what my mom remembers from the call:

“Hello”, she answers.

“This is Mitchell Henson, may i speak to Lisa?”, a non-threatening male voice said.

“This is Lisa”, my mom replied politely.

{This is where she has problems remembering.}

She’s almost sure he said something about the Easter holiday, but can’t remember exactly what was said.

“Who is this?… Mitchell Henson?” , she asked.

{She wanted the kids to know who she was talking to.}

“May I speak with Micah?”, he said.

Mom hands the phone over to Micah.


Here’s the information Micah relays afterwards:

Micah says, “Hello?“

Hello”, Mitch replied.

“Who is this!?”, Micah demands.

“You know who this is.”

“No, I don’t know who this is.”

“All will be revealed.” said Mitch

“Hello? Hello?” Micah says to the room, “He hung up.”


How freaky and strange! So there’s some missing information here. Mitch certainly told my mom something more than just “Happy Easter”. BUT, she can’t remember a thing! She says she got so flustered once she heard the name Mitchell Henson. I joked (later) that maybe he was hypnotizing her.

Obviously, our attention turned to Bill. So, who did he put up to this? He STILL denied it. Swearing to GOD, it’s not him. Lori is also doing a great job of covering.

Whatever.. I still know its him. This is my take… he continued to deny it because he had this phone call already set.

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