Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Tentative Plan

Been thinking about this all day and met with Ryan at lunch today. Here is the plan:

1. We found out this book referenced in the wiki article is actually a reference book at the Harold Washington library. It's not Mitch's book, but maybe has stuff about demon #66. I am looking for anything about burning hair to see if it is some kind of trick. Maybe burning someone's hair will curse owner of the hair, who knows. I searched on the internet for "burning lock of hair" for anything but no luck.

2. There is an occult bookstore near ryan's apartment. I'm going to email them and send them a link to this blog post to see if they can help. Maybe we could go there with the evidence and see what they think.

The occult bookstore in chicago (near ryan's appt)

Street view of Occult Bookstore on Milwaukee

66th Demon

Looking more closely at the etchings on the envelope, the number 66 can clearly be seen. This is a reference to the #66 demon (see wiki article).

What Do We Do?

I have been thinking about this a good bit. This is a very good play on us. We have only really found one chink in the armor of the story, which is the fact that the translations of the emails are so spot on with the Google language translator. this would mean that someone put English text into Google and used the translate function to spit out French and Swahili. If a human did this, the idea of the demon being real falls apart.

The rest of the story is bullet proof. The emails come from We have no connection to and is a creepy enough url. The underlying source of the email is, which we found by looking closely at the email headers. Again nothing, we know no one with aol email address, and that domain isn't really traceable.

So, then how does the person know the addresses to send the letters (to rosa in fl and ryan in chicago). This would mean that there is someone on the inside directing someone else or actually doing it. I cannot put my finger on anyone. If i had to guess, it's Senior (too quiet) or Flecks in Seattle (creativity is there).

The thing now is, what do we do? If we burn the hair, it would prove that we are invested in the thing and might make it worse. But it's a warning, don't do anything and micah is screwed.

I would like to test the hair to see if it's micah's, but that's not really possible (no home dna testing kits).

Street View for Mitch's Address

Oh man, sufficiently creepy.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Letter to Ryan

Ryan gets a letter. We open it on webcam (vid below). Creepy.

Close up of the address, notice the creepy scratches:

Cat and demon book. This photograph was in the letter. We have been unable to find a version of the book online with this cover.

Seal on back of letter.

Here is the letter, in Swahili

I worry for your brother.
He thinks this is a game. Not True. The evil spirit is a prisoner in the fighter. The medal is the padlock. That evil is around cats neck. This cat is evil. He kills.
This was head of hair your brother. It must be burned. This is your warning. Ignore the warning and the darkness will visit your brother.

We found a picture of Mitch.

Mitch's Book.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Letter to Rosa

Rosa gets a letter spurring a lot of discussion.

Friday, March 12, 2010

First Contact

The first contact from Cimeies