Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another email!

Demon C sent another email this past weekend.. again at midnight!  This time to Aunt Judy.  Here’s the message AJ forwarded… He also left a Wingdings secret message too, which I'll also translate.

now, i don't feel so left out . .

whoever you are, return to -C what is rightfully his . . . . b4 we're all wiped out . . wonder what the symbols mean in his sign-off. .

Begin forwarded message:

From: cimejes@worshipper.com

Date: April 10, 2010 12:00:44 AM EDT

To: judyklaw10@yahoo.com

Subject: Please, pardon my interruption.

Mrs. Klawitter,

I know you have been watching. I know you have been giggling. I know that you do not believe as well.
Many are asking for my identity. Many think that they know. Many think that they are clever and have solved this riddle. They have not.

Something as cold and as trivial as e-mail will not be my undoing. I am not hindered by technology. I am stronger because of it. It is my guise.

I must confess, I have admonished some recently for playing "childish games" when I myself have been putting pieces into place. These pieces are part of something much larger...something much more serious, but this "game" may not end with laughter. It may end with a veil being removed. You...all of you…will learn your true identities. You will come face to face with your own fears and indiscretions. Good intentions and those things that you take for granted, like loyalty and familial love, will slowly but surely slip away. You will turn on each other. It will be a disgrace.

Can you save yourselves? Perhaps. Believe me, I wish it were as simple as saying a magyck word or buying a book, and I could exit your lives. All that I can say is that something was taken from me. One of you was thoughtless and stole an item from me...something very close to my heart...a treasure. You knew you were wrong to take it. You were away from home, and you thought you were alone. You thought no one was watching. You thought that no one would miss it. You were wrong.

Unless the thief comes forward to reveal him or herself to me, you all are doomed. The answer is not buried deep. The guilty one knows...even as he or she is reading these words…you can feel the disgrace crawling up your spine like an insect, can’t you? Come forward. Speak to me. Return what is rightfully mine, and I will only seek retribution from you.
Your family is loving. It is a strong love, especially for those souls who are seemingly innocent. These "innocents" will continue to be marked until, of course, I get what I want.


"Jack is next"

(Jack is her toddler grandson)

Time to confess and return the stolen treasure…  Poor little Jack has no idea, but he’s  “next”.  Whatever that means!  Maybe he’ll get a warrior doll too. 

Regardless, we’ve had a few people confess some thefts…

From Lee:

'If it's the seashell I stole at Bill/Lori's wedding, I will return it via FedEx ASAP!!!!

I think we have all stolen at some point, it is going to be a huge “true confessions” session before all is said and done…ought to find out some pretty interesting things about each other…remember it said you “weren’t at home”, so I think that implies on vacation …I just don’t know…I hate that little jack is going to have to take the hit for our indiscretions but what can I do? ' 

From Micah:

‘i know i stole quite a few knickknacks when i worked at that restaurant in chicago...some cigar cutters and whatnot. trying to think if i stole from bill...maybe a beer or two from his fridge? i wish he had been more specific about what it was.’

From Ryan:

‘One thing I did steal a long time ago, when I was little in Tennessee..  I stole a cedar widdling stick.  I've also stolen a bunch of stuff from work, like computers..  I doubt "C" wants his hard drive back tho.’

Anyone else wanna come clean??  Post it in the comments.


Also, it looks like "C" is smarter than I originally expected.

This last email to AJ originated (according to email headers) from the following IP:

To my surprise, it looks like this email came from....  MAIL.GULFPACK.COM
Name:    mail.gulfpack.com

Now, I highly doubt "C" works at Gulf-Great Lakes Packaging.  More likely "C" knows how to spoof his IP address to make it appear its coming from other places.  So, here's my apology to Bill.  Sorry.  There is a possibility it is NOT Bill.  I suppose, it still could be him.. and now he's covering his tracks, but based on Bill's enthusiasm (this blog) and believable denials..  I'm thinking "C" was smart from the get go.. and wanted us to believe it was Bill.  CRAP!  I guess, this will remain a mystery for a little longer.  We just might have a "sicko" out there.


  1. I truly apologize Will. (don't make me eat my words).
    Let's see...what have I stolen...a couple of instant tea packets from our room in Hawaii. Nah, those weren't "C's"..I'm clean!!!!!

  2. I've have told many lies, I heard Bill say that one time, and I agree, people lie. Me too. But I have stolen only like this: I go into a store and buy something. If cashier, in error, did not see it or did not charge me,I don't always go back in and tell her, because time is worth something. It is usually little, like a spool of thread or a grocery item/
    watch me have nightmares because of something big that I have forgotten. There are mortal and venial sins. Mine usually venial, maybe Rosa

  3. I used to steal candy on a regular basis from a neighborhood drug store; in particular, the 2 cent suckers with chocolate centers. Oh, I've taken the usual things from work - pens, post-it notes, file folders - nothing C would care about.